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The Kings Ark™ 

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We are Grateful for Life! We are made up of Pure Talents, Brands, Banks, Government institutions, Corporations, Tech Companies, Financial institutions and Celebrities. We Value our Community and are committed to providing value and sustainability to the society.



Kingsley Michael Uhiara - Founder

Global Finance Specialist- Visit My Site

Queen Porscha-Loveth Uhiara - Globa Director/ VP

Global operations 

Profession Resume/Site: Visit My Consulting Site

Benjamin Ansel - Urban Strategist

Senior Landscape Architect

Dena Lavin - Senior Urban Planner

Studio Manager

The Future of
the vision 

The Kings Ark

Work can be an instrument for doing good things in the world that can impact life.
A company is a human organization –made up of a group of individuals with similar vision working together in pursuit of a mutual
goal, not a soul-less body.
The purpose of a corporation is to contribute to the common good of all, by having a positive impact
on its customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and the communities in which it operates.
A business is more than existing just for profit. It is about doing well by doing good and giving back to the society in every means possible.
“Magic” can always happen if you can connect what drives the individuals working at the company to the
purpose of the company that aligns to the individuals perspectives. More broadly, we believe that great things happen at companies where
the individuals who work there can feel a sense of purpose, develop personal connections, have
autonomy, develop a certain mastery and feel they are in a growth environment that enables them to achieve their dreams.
Work is not about attempting to achieve perfection, but about every little human connections. We
believe performance and growth come from accepting and embracing our imperfections
and vulnerabilities and making positive changes about them.
Leadership is not about power, fame, control, glory or money ownership. Leadership is about purposeful,
authentic, human service and empowering people to become better persons.


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Defining us.

Inspiring us.

Enrich lives
through technology is our mission.

Let’s talk about
what’s possible.™

• Be a good and useful human being. Put people before all else, especially the needy and homeless people round the world.

• Make it real. Bring the extraordinary into the everyday.

• Think about tomorrow. Take account for what comes next, it makes all the difference. There is a consequence for every deed, choose wisely what to do.

• Unleash the power of our people by inspiring them, motivating them and showing them it is possible through our achievements.

• Learn from our challenges and make the necessary change.

• Show respect, humility and integrity.

• Have fun while being the best

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